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 Celerbrating  500,000,000+ Ratchet Cargo Straps Sold

Globally in 40 years!!

ACE Smart Tie Down MFG has been the #1 ratchet straps manufacturer in 40 years, making it the most user-friendly and advanced ratchet tie down straps on the market.  Powerful design & innovation, super EZ release ratchet straps, all sizes retractable ratchet straps and unique ratcheting cargo bars are the reasons our customers have fallen in love.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Click the products sidebar to find out why our customers love to sell our patented products.

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ACE Smart Tie Down MFG Is More Than A Factory.
It’s A Powerful Company with Innovation.

ACE Smart Tie Down MFG  gives you the ability to build unique products on the market. These products are Amazon FBA ready.  What you need to do is to provide us your FBA labels and we ship them to your Amazon FBA warehouses. Every product has its own artwork template for free and we can have your logo on the template.

Arrived significantly sooner than promised. Product was as advertised & just what I needed/wanted. Couldn’t be happier all round.

Margo, Long, strong, can secure King Kong

used these to strap down a motorcycle and haul it 180 miles home.

straps held up great did not come lose, easy to ratchet and release very happy with them

Fender crawler, straps held up great did not come lose

I have ordered 100,000 sets retractable ratchet straps. None of them is defective.

Quality is perfect. How do you do that?

Ash Weed, Great quality and very very durable

need 2,000 ratcheting cargo bars for my Amazon FBA this time. It sold well. I like it.

John, Aetna

Product delivered on time.  Ratcheting is easy once you figure out how to work them. Great product for the price. You guys are amazing.

Jodi, AGL

Hi, I am doing e-commerce. I am competing with retailers. Need my Logo on you Y-310D retractable ratchet straps and ship it to 3 Amazon FBA warehouse. the ratcheting cargo bar is a good one to sell.

Asony, Carmax

Why choose Ace Smart Tie Down?

We have been manufacturing premium cargo control products for over 40 years and got 78 patents worldwide. Also, we help our customers to have their custom-made products with private labels.

Ace smart tie down has helped the customers to make their business successfully on Amazon. What customers need is to choose what products they want to sell on Amazon or other local business. You will get low prices and hot selling products, which is what home depot and Lowe’s get from the overseas factory.

Perfect Quality:

All retractable tie down straps, EZ release cargo straps, E tracks, ratchet buckles (1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch), cam buckles, over-center buckles, paddles buckles, slide buckles, quick release buckles, military spring buckles, end fittings, wood beam socket, cargo bars, ratcheting cargo bars, webbing protectors, and corner protectors are made by fully computerized machines with precision tooling control system.

All cargo control parts are well made in Ace smart tie down factory.  We have over 30 fully automatic and heavy-duty stamping machines. All products must be tested by hardness testing machines, salt spray testing machines, and tensile testing machines before shipping to warehouses that you ask.

Over 900 custom-made products:

In past 40 years, Ace smart tie down has over 900 custom-made products for customers from all the world. The most famous products are retractable tie down, ratcheting cargo bar and EZ Release ratchet straps.

Ratcheting cargo bars are labelled with different stickers and placed in professional colour boxes for retail stores or online stores. Ratcheting cargo bars are applied to pick trucks, SUV and any objects need to be fixed. The most common application is to prevent cargo shift on cars. There are millions of pickup trucks and SUVs in the united states. This is why ratcheting cargo bars are sold so well no matter online or in retail stores.

Retractable ratchet straps is a big hit in US market. The automatic rewinding mechanism makes ratchet tie down so easy to use. We are the original patent owner of retractable tie down. The magic of this motion is that we have integrated with EZ release mechanism, which makes the retraction more smoothly. Most people use retractable ratchet tie-down straps for motorcycle, motorbike, ATV, UTV and dirt bikes.

We provide Amazon FBA service for you:

Ace smart tie down is your source for unique and smart cargo control products. You can customize ratchet straps or tie down straps for your targeting market and provide the best values for your customers. From slackline for recreational use to super heavy ez release ratchet straps. You can count on ace smart tie down for best hot selling products on your Amazon or eBay stores.

We have served hundreds of successful customers in the United States

You can contact us through the contact page.   or Email us

However, if I do not want to import Cargo Straps(We do not have warehouse or contact in USA):

Please contact with Keeper , SmartstrapsErickson MFG, ProGrip, Ancra, Kinedyne

Cargo Straps Manufacturer
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Cargo Straps Manufacturer
All ratchet straps are integrated with super EZ Release smart function. Your ratchet will not be stuck. E Track, Cargo bars and all cargo control products.
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