ACE Smart Tie Down MFG

Ace Smart Tie Down MFG provides the following cargo control products

  • Retractable Ratchet Straps: 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 2-inch Retractable Tie Down
  • EZ Release Ratchet Buckles: 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch
  • Ratcheting Cargo Bar: Cargo Bar, Jack Bar
  • EZ Release Ratchet Straps: Motorcycle Ratchet Straps, ATV Tie Down Straps, Semi Truck Straps, Dirt Bike Straps
  • E Track and End Fitting: 1 ft, 2 ft, 5ft, 10ft E tracks
  • Cam Buckles: TCS Cam Buckles, Steel Cam Buckles, Military Buckles
  • Forged Hooks
  • Overcenter Buckles: 1 inch, 1-3/4 inch, and 2 inch over center buckle. Paddle Buckles, Slide buckles, and Quick Release Buckles

What can we do for you?

We are in cargo control industry for over 40 years and own 78 patents in the world. We can do everything that you can imagine. From making toolings for your special metal or plastic parts to provide you templates for your final artwork.

Manufacturing processes are very complex: 

Ratchet tie down strap needs several processes to make.

At the very beginning, when customers gave us a special project and product never exist in the world. Therefore, we analyze the manufacturing process first. Does it need stamping, die casting, heat treating, tumbling, sanding, plating, extrusion, forming, cutting, riveting processes?  Then we go to the next step making toolings for a single product.
Usually, a ratchet buckle needs over 20 toolings and costs at least 10,000 USD. Of course, it requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and management. Therfore, choosing good and reliable suppliers is very important for your long-term business.

Making over 900 custom-made products is not an easy task:

We have made over 5,000 toolings for thousands of customers in cargo control industry around the world. Products include sling, winch, trailer parts, e track, car trailer parts, tow strap, cargo net, straps, tarps, ratchet straps, tie down straps, rope ratchet, e track straps, cargo bar, truck tie downs, retractable ratchet straps, cargo straps, car lashes, motorcycle tie downs, boat tie downs, camper tie downs, webbing straps, cam buckle straps for some companies. For example, Ancra, Kinedyne, Walmart, Homedepot, Lowe’s, Habor Fright Tools, Ace Hardware.

We do not require a container load for an order!

Our production lines are always busy. We have raw material stock for all kinds of tie-down products. We have hundreds of steel rolls are waiting for stamping process and thousands of semi-finished products waiting for next manufacturing process in our warehouse. Therefore, we can ship retractable ratchet straps with push-button release or ratcheting cargo bar right away to customers.  Also, we take mixed container load or mixed product orders. Currently, most of the company do not want to take so many inventories because they have no ideas how sales are gonna be.

Before you ship our products to your Amazon FBA, there is a checklist:

  • Business information:
    Please prepare your legal business (company name), physical address, and all contact information.Therefore, your Amazon seller account will be set up properly.
  • Email Address:
    your email address can be your company account. You can use your domain for your email or just apply Gmail for your registered account. Please remember that applying account before you register an Amazon account.   Your email will be so important because it will receive all email from Amazon.
  • Credit Card:
    Having a new credit card for your Amazon business. Check credit card expired day, once it is not valid. Amazon will cancel your account and your products.
  • Tax ID:
    Never be afraid that you pay tax because you have orders came in. Pay tax would be so happy if you are doing e-commerce nowadays.

You may want to know revenue:

Amazon has a tool called FBA revenue calculator.  That will help you to make a final decision as soon as possible.

Do you know that there are millions of ratchet tie down are used in monthly in the USA?

According to our records, 2 millions of ratchet straps were manufactured monthly in Ace factory. Also, the consumption is huge, especially during vacation. People would love to take their best motorbike, scooter, dirt bike, sportbike, touring motorcycles, cruiser motorcycles, ATV, UTV, Yamaha side by side out for their wonderful adventure. Or take their boats, canal boats, wakeboard boats, riverboat, wooden boats, row boat, jon boat, ski boat and G3 boat for water activities.

People need to use 4 tie down straps to secure one object. There are millions of trucks need cargo securing equipment to fix loads on highway based on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations . Buying quality ratchet straps from the best tie down the manufacturer and selling them on Amazon is a good business. There is 10 million times search volume on google backend every month.

What are the best selling products in our big data?

  1. Patented Retractable Ratchet Straps: The charming feature is the webbing will be retracting back by itself and integrated with patented EZ Release function.  People go out for fun, not for taking extra work on arranging tie downs when not using.
  2. Patented Ratcheting Cargo Bars: Ratcheting Cargo Bars are great ways to secure fragile objects because it is not like regular tie down will damage cargo due to stress concentrated on the webbing and applied on cargo. Ratcheting cargo bar is so great to secure objects.
  3. EZ Release Ratchet Straps: Due to Web Sling Tie Down Association suggestion, users must have two wraps of webbing on the axel of cargo straps. However, due to the defects of the original ratchet buckle design, the webbing will get stuck on axel of ratchet tie down.  There is a smart company YEU YUEH has redesigned the core structure. Furthermore, the genius design makes straps so easy to be taken out. Even a three year old child can release webbing easily.
cargo control products

cargo control products

Where can you buy cargo control products?

Keeper, Erickson MFG, Ancra, Pro-Grip

I wanna do some small business by selling your products. But how?

what you need to do is to go to contact page. We will contact you in 24 immediately.