EZ Release Ratchet Buckles

Why EZ Release ratchet buckles?

Before people go camping, they will need some tools to secure camping gears. However, when releasing ratchet straps from ratchet buckles, troubles come. The straps are so tight and that is too tight to release. so people need to yank it or cut webbing.

Any solutions?

Most experienced people will tell you that is normal. Also, what you need to do is pull the webbing so hard and the webbing will get out from ratchet straps hardware.

However, after the EZ release cargo straps are invented, the problems are all solved. It was so stunning at National hardware show and APPEX show in Las Vegas. People are so amazed by super smart function.

EZ Release Ratchet Straps have become high-end standard and retailers are looking for it

When people try EZ Release ratchet buckles, they all love it and want to know where they can buy it.

There is a buyer at big chain stores says that:

Most company bring me ratchet cargo straps with color changed or handle with rubber coverd. Nobody was thinking how to sove problems that came from ratchet buckles which are so tight. Also, that is not really user friendly. People are looking for good solutions instead of make it have a nice looking becuase the problem is always there.

EZ Release ratchet buckles are the solution for all tie down products. We would love to get good products in and introduce to our customers.

That is the best cargo straps that I have ever seen.