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We have the best rust resistance marine parts:

Most of our marine supply parts are in SUS 304 which is the balance of corrosion resistance and strength.

All parts are made of top quality 304 stainless steel plate. 316 stainless steel is also available if you need highly rust resistance products. On the other side, we can provide material certificates to you if you need to prove what material we use for your customers.

When to use 304 stainless steel marine parts?

  1. Seawater
  2. high moist environment
  3. the facility has ammonia gas

Why do boat parts not use steel material?

Steel or iron is a low-cost choice and with high strength but with no rust resistance. The regular methods to provide rust resistance is to have a layer of plating on the surface of parts. For example zinc plating which is the most common one on hardware. In other words, a metal is coated on other metal.

We use better rust resistance metal to become a layer of our products and that is always good for a regular condition. However, that does not mean that your steel parts or products will not get rusted. That means your parts made of steel will be rusted at a very slow speed. But, if the steel part encounters salt water or seawater, processes will become so fast that you can not imagine.

Stainless steel is the best solution for highly corrosive environments:

There are so many types of stainless steel. Do you know that there is a series of stainless steel can be rusted easily, which is 200 series stainless steel?

If you have low price stainless steel products, never be happy with that. Because it contains low nickel content and high iron content.  The 200 series stainless steel will get rusted faster than other types of stainless steel

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