Retractable Ratchet Straps Series:

Retractable tie downs are so hot:

     The retractable ratchet strap is a big hit in the market. Ace Smart Tie Down manufactures the best retractable ratchet cargo straps. Also, we have over 10 patents on retractable ratchet straps with push-button release and 2-inch retractable ratchet straps. Furthermore, you can see this type of products which are under the brand name- Keeper, Reese, Erickson, and Smartstraps in Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart.

Parts under pressure are strengthened:

Ace uses metallic forming methods to provide more strength without adding any unnecessary materials. For example, we use strain hardening to make our products stronger.

You have found original patents’ owner and manufacturer:

Ace produces auto retractable ratchets for consumption of U.S. market. Because of that, We stock a very comprehensive range of retractable tie down for customers. Specially, Consumers can install auto retracting ratchet straps in 15 seconds or less per ratchet straps.

We also provide bolt-on retractable transom ratchet straps for boat trailers