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ACE Starts Production from Raw material-ACE Ratchet Strap Manufacturers

Before making the EZ Release ratchet straps, we need to consider what are raw materials that we need. For example, steel or alloy. Besides material, as ratchet strap manufacturers, we also think about the efficiency of the production line. In other words, it better to use progressive die during stamping processes. Namely, we can use fewer labors and reduce the risks in the whole stamping process. As a result, we need to use steel rolls instead of steel plate because material feeding machine only can feed steel roll into programmable stamping machine. Namely, all the workers in the stamping station are only to lift steel roll into feeding machines instead of operating giant computerized stamping machines. As the results, the quality will be more consistent and reduce risks that workers get an injury. Once we have done the process, we can start the first step production for ratchet straps. As soon as, the stamping equipment starts to work, you will see the rough ratchet buckle parts from the machines.

Making EZ Release Ratchet Buckles is not Easy-ACE Ratchet Strap Manufacturers

Making good products require the best materials. ACE uses top grade alloy steel to make the strongest metal parts to provide the highest safety factors to ratchet tie down straps itself. We alloy steel we use has 0.6% Mn and 0.2% Si. Furthermore, the tensile strength 58kgf/mm² before heat treatment and 75kgf/mm² after heat treatment in the mechanical property.

This data is very important for production begins because wrong materials cannot result in high strength and safety factor ratchet strap buckles. Alos, the manufacturing processes play a very important rule because it controls the extra strength of the material. Normally, steel only can provide the basic strength to resist bending, compression and tension. At this moment, the alloy steel is soft according to hardness testing machines.

Making a real tough ratchet strap and we need to add extra muscles.

Heat treatment is a manufacturing process that changes grain sizes to strength metal parts without adding extra materials. Namely, we control temperature drop rate to make the grain we want in the material. Also, we can observe the grain size under the microscope. In this case, we usually make grains regenerate and quench them with oil, salt, air or water which depends on what grain size you require.

The smaller grain sizes will result in higher hardness but brittle. On the other hand, the larger grain sizes will result in lower hardness but good toughness. Therefore, ACE combines these two mechanical properties into our EZ Release ratchet bucklesall kinds of hooks and all hardware. As a result, the EZ Release ratchet straps have higher strength and good toughness to pass dynamic tests.

What Are Processes in Production from ACE Ratchet Strap Manufacturers?

There are extra processes in making ratchet straps:

  1. Sandblasting Process: After heat treatment, there will be an oxide on the surface of the steel. The layer of the oxidation is hard and has less conduction. Therefore, if we have electroplating process, we have to remove the layer of that. In order to remove the less conductive layer, we have to use other processes to take out the oxide evenly. There comes the sandblasting process. In this special process, we have air gun that the air is filled with sand. Furthermore, the finer the sands, the smoother the surface.
  2. Electroplating Process: There are several common surface treatment. For instance, Cr 6+ Zinc, Cr3+ Zinc and chrome and so on. There is a law in California recently. Namely, California Proposition 65. In order to serve our customers’ selling in the Golden State. We have provided solutions for our customers to solve this issue. For instance, Keeper, Erickson, Smart Straps, and Husky.
Stamping machine- Ratchet Strap Manufacturers

Stamping machine- Ratchet Strap Manufacturers

ACE does Custom Made Products for all Customers.

Most customers have special requirements based on their clients’ requests. Normally, They need custom lengths, hooks, EZ Release ratchet buckles. Moreover, we help our customers to ship the product to their Amazon FBA warehouse or drop and ship.

We do private label for customers to sales them in Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Also, we can add some instructions to your artwork. For example, “How to Release Retractable Ratchet Straps with or without Button“, “How to Thread a Ratchet Straps and loosen ratchet straps“, “How to Untangle Ratchet Straps

custom made ratchet tie down from ratchet strap manufacturers

custom made ratchet tie down from ratchet strap manufacturers


ACE invests 300 million USD buying new computerized stamping machines and its equipment. ACE Smart Tie Down manufacturing believes that continuous quality improvement will benefit relationship us and our clients. This is why we take the most tooling design projects and product manufacturing. We have the largest stamping machines making ratchet strap buckles. The capacity is 4 million piece per month.

What should I do if I need more information?

You can contact us at Also, you can have more products information on products page and see what other people are asking. Furthermore, you can send your inquiry to us on the contact page. Or you can go to our homepage to see what else information you may need.  In order to serve more customers, we take less container quantity and ship to your warehouse.

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