Tie Down Straps:

How to import to your FBA warehouses directly?


Q: I am interested in your smart tie down straps and want to have more information. What should I do?

A: You can send your questions to contact page  Your questions can be “what is the minimum quantity to order?” “Can you ship products to my Amazon FBA warehouse from your oversea factory?” “I do not have import experience, can you help me?” “What is your most popular products in Walmart and Home depot?”

Q: If I wanna have custom-made tie down straps, what should I do?

A: You can send some products photos that you wanna customize. We will send you a quotation based on what you need. You can choose Metal Hooks for your retractable tie down under your brand name. EZ Release Ratchet Buckles for your Amazon FBA program

Q: Where can I buy smart cargo tie down straps products for testing?

A: You can go to Homedepot.com to buy ratcheting cargo bar and retractable tie down for testing.

Q: Why should I buy from you?

A:(1) We have around 40 years OEM and design experience. We have the ability to design and manufacture products for our customers, especially making toolings for customers. (2) We have invested millions of dollars to develop user-friendly products. Therefore,  We have owned over 70 patents in cargo control industry. (3) We are an experienced supplier of Amazon sellers.
ACE smart tie down MFG has experience doing packaging for retail stores. For example, Walmart, Home Depot,  Lowe’s…..  (4) We also help customers to ship their products to Amazon FBA warehouse all around the world.

Q: Would you please tell me what products sold best? I want to put it in my online store.

A: The most popular one is retractable tie down because they are really easy to use and no tangled webbing while using. The second most popular product is ratcheting cargo bar. The ratcheting cargo bar was designed for pickup trucks. You can see it on Homedepot and Walmart and some online stores on Amazon but you never know that is from us. The third most popular tie down is EZ Release ratchet straps. The EZ Release ratchet straps have a unique function which is webbing never gets stuck on a mandrel of the ratchet handle.

Q: Are those popular products patented?

A: Yes, the most products that we sell are patented by us, which will protect our customer on their market.

Q: What else service that you can provide us to make our sales better?

A: We can provide our artwork template for your products “FOR FREE” so you can replace the logo. After that, your potential products are good to go to hit the market.

Q: Do you attend any trade shows?  I want to see your products on hand.

A:  We attend ” National Hardware Show” and “Appex Show” in Las Vegas USA annually, and “Koln Show”, “Automechanika show in Frankfurt” in Germany every two years. “DIY show” in Japan

Q: Does ACE Smart Tie Down MFG provide testing reports to me before I get my shipment?

A: Of Course, we always provide a product testing report for our customers. For example: breaking test. material certificate.

how to use retractable trailer straps

how to use retractable trailer straps

retractable trailer straps overseas factory

retractable trailer straps overseas factory

self-retracting tie down straps

self-retracting tie down straps

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